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In the Designer BEAUTY category we offer exquisite perfumes, scented candles and tattoos with an amazingly realistic visual effect, all of which will make your day or that of a good friend. Give yourself and those close to you a treat with these little extras, such as the icing on the cake or a small wellness outing for the soul.

Designer Beauty with fragrances to enjoy: Candles and Perfumes

Do you enjoy experiencing the world and Designer Beauty with all your senses? With the perfumes and scented candles in this category, you can pamper your nose with fine fragrances every day. The high-quality candles from Popup Paris or Maison Balzac exude a most pleasant ambiance in your living room, your bedroom or your bathroom, and the trendy perfumes induce an excellent mood. These Designer BEAUTY products allow you to embellish your own day or turn a beloved one's into a fragrant delight.

Designer Beauty through removable tattoos: A way to stay flexible!

Designer Beauty at its best! Do you wish to add that special detail to a summer or a party outfit? We have a selected range of removable Designer Beauty Tattoos for you, easy to apply and as easy to wash off. A new eye-catcher over and over again. Skin Feelings turn you instantly into a globetrotter, a gypsetter, with their Gipset summer tattoos. Would you like to come out as a "Wild Child"? Do you spread "Good Vibes"? Express your feelings with these Designer Beauty and Designer Tattoos. Or would you rather be pictorial and try out the magical Flash Tattoos? Just go ahead, because the greatest about this Designer Beauty, is that you can easily change your theme after just a few days.

High-quality BEAUTY products from all over the world

The various Designer Beauty products in this category are all made by reputable manufacturers in BEAUTY countries from around the globe. They offer the highest quality, modern designs and a touch of extravagance. All this makes a highly suitable birthday present of them. Do you have a question about a specific product, or would you like assistance in choosing an appropriate gift? Feel free to send us an email or just give us a call. We will get back to you!
Discover now our stylish fragrances and tattoos and bring an extra bit of Designer BEAUTY into your life!