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What is HE getting HER for Valentine's Day? Ten rules for men

Some men should keep the question of the Valentine's Day gift for their loved one busy until the last minute and then put them under a little stress.... It's actually quite easy to make us women happy and to be able to watch our beaming eyes as we unwrap the gift. Simply follow the ten golden rules of giving gifts to women:

  1. Even if you have agreed "We don't give each other anything!- Don't you dare stand there without a present on Valentine's Day. With a wink, she will conjure up a present for you and whistle "I know we're not giving each other anything, but that's just a small thing". If you don't have a "little something" ready for us now, then have a nice evening!
  2. if you a Household appliance, dishes or something else useful, please put it in a kitchen cupboard inconspicuously. You will discover it at some point and be amazed. But please don't give it to her for Valentine's Day!
  3. clothes are a tricky thing. Tastes and fashion change and you can never be sure about sizes. Maybe she just proudly reduced her dress size from M to S? Then a big blunder awaits you, be careful! Scarves, hats or silk stockings are an exception if you are sure you know their taste.
  4. gifts of money – a no-go. no Forget it!
  5. A coupon – okay if he's into something very specific and out of the ordinary. For a visit to a concert, a candlelight dinner, a wellness weekend in your favorite hotel. Never reach for a flower voucher or one from a furniture store out of embarrassment. The following applies: See gifts of money.
  6. Flowers for Valentine's Day Giving gifts is always an acceptable idea, even if it sounds pretty unimaginative. But please no colorful bouquet of tulips or carnations or irises or asters. We want red roses. White roses. Champagne colored roses. pink roses. Black Roses. Maybe an orchid too... And maybe the gift from point no. 7 as well?
  7. give jewelry. With this you are on the safe side and the lady of your heart will be delighted. It doesn't have to be a diamond necklace. A little Blinkblink as a lovely keychain, a pair of earrings ("They're just the color of your eyes, darling!") or a chain for the ankle bracelet. No, we don't have enough jewelry already.
  8. And we never have enough Scent. Give us our favorite perfume (if you know it) or give us the latest Perfume creations by hip fashion designers. For men, love goes through the stomach, for us women, it goes through the nose :-).
  9. Wrap the present. Of course, you can also leave that to the saleswoman, the main thing is that there is a ribbon to untie and a piece of paper to tear open. Only the "Ahhhhhh...." moment when unpacking turns a gift into a gift.
  10. never mention how expensive the gift was If it was a great bargain, please don't mention it. We don't want to know how much money we women are worth to you. Besides, we'll find out for ourselves anyway.
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