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temporary tattoos

Do you still remember those horrible-tasting pink chewing gums that you could buy from the baker for 5 pfennigs when we were kids and that had a little decal on them? You put this on your skin, moistened the paper, rubbed it a little and you had a little picture – mostly crooked and crooked and full of creases – on the child's delicate skin.

We proudly showed everyone our tattoo. But after a few days the fun was over and the tattoo was washed off. For many of us, that may have been the cornerstone that led to getting tattooed – this time for eternity.

A well-done tattoo also looks really chic, you just have to live with the fact that it accompanies you throughout your life.

Skin Feelings Tattoos

For those who didn't dare to take this step or are torn, there is an alternative. It can roughly be compared with the decals from our childhood, at least in terms of handling. The design is a completely different matter. Temporary tattoos now come in all sorts of colors, designs, and sizes. Depending on the mood and mood of the day, you can choose a motif or a saying, wear the tattoo in different places and thus draw attention there. Now at Christmas time one fits Golden chain great with the little black dress - so why not wear a tattooed one instead of a real necklace? If you prefer to refrain from a public appearance with a tattoo, simply surprise your loved one with it. Raised in a place only he can see, you've caught his attention so quickly.

Depending on the part of the body, the temporary tattoos last between two and six days, some even longer. This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the quality of the tattoo, but rather with your own skin. The less skin fat is produced in one place and the less clothing rubs over it, the more durable the tattoo will be. Before applying, cleanse the skin with some isopropyl alcohol, similar to what you would do before an injection at the doctor's. This cleans the skin of excess oil and the tattoo will hold better.

Skin Feelings Tattoos

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