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Jewelery by Girlsbestfriends: Sylvie Eder

The pieces of jewelery become favorite pieces and lucky charms

Actually, we love everything that Sylvie Eder from Munich makes and don't want to part with it anymore.

The coin chains start with the old Bavarian "Patrona Bavariae". But we also love the filigree friendship bracelets with individual pendants made of sterling silver or precious stones. This also applies to the much sought-after Buddhist prayer chains. Sylvie Eder's jewelery always has something to do with tradition and spirituality.

The trend that people are always looking for deeper meaning in things has long since reached the fashion world.

The My Chakra collection, for example, was created against this background. This collection includes bracelets and collars made of silk and vegan leather with small faceted healing stones for the seven energy centers of the body. The healing power of stones has been known for thousands of years. We should take advantage of them.

The core of the collection are the malas. These are Buddhist prayer beads with 108 beads. The necklaces are made from vintage wood. Here, the designer uses a special process to give the wooden beads a kind of used look. The wooden bead necklaces are very comfortable to wear on the skin due to their warm feel and are one of Sylvie Eder's favorite materials to work with.

They are also available in gently shimmering, precious gemstones. Rose quartz, jade and aventurine are combined with silver beads from India to create dreamy, casual necklaces for luxury hippies.

Also significant are the friendship bracelets with simple, elementary shapes such as circles and discs on a delicate band. Straightforward, straightforward and uncompromising. Statement bracelets for women who know what they want but never lose a certain lightness.

These clear geometric shapes, paired with the wild beauty of precious stones and wood, make up the very special look of Girlsbestfriends.

I'm really taken with Sylvie's necklaces and bracelets and of course I wear them all the time myself. Be sure to take a look at the jewelry. The parts are also very suitable for giving away. Here you will find jewelery from GIRLSBESTFRIENDS by Sylvie Eder here.

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