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Chic, warm, very trendy: beanies

When you walk the streets and look at people's heads, what do you see? caps! Gone are the days of freezing your ears off rather than exposing your hairstyle to even a hint of danger from being crushed a little. But just as out as sensitive blow-dry and toupee hairstyles are, chic beanies are now in as well.


This English term seems to be gaining ground more and more. A bean? Yes, and the term is quickly explained when you know that in colloquial English the head is referred to as a bean!

Zwei Frauen im Street Look

Keeping its shape rather simple like a bobble hat, usually without a bobble, a beanie is imaginative and varied in terms of material, color scheme and pattern. There are thin beanies for the summer and cozy warm ones for the winter. Some teens soon become so attached to theirs capsthat makes you wonder if they at least put her down in bed at night. What rappers, rock stars and actors have done has gotten into the blood of many young people and they wear their beanies pulled low over their foreheads. Some women imitate them and pull the cheeky bangs out from under the hat, others prefer the alternative method: Beanies are also cut a little wider so that they sit loosely on the hairstyle like a balloon.

Yippie Hippie Mütze

Since we at Knocknok simply couldn't commit to one beanie shape, we find the diversity of the range so great, you now have a large selection and are spoiled for choice: Do you like it wintery-stylish with a rhinestone deer or would you rather have a star Decorate a yippie hippie hat? There are thick Wanderlust beanies for sporty heads and those who like it playful and classy grab them Cashmere baby hat. As you can see: one beanie doesn't make a winter, you can have two or three!

Wanderlust Mütze Wild

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