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Must have for all occasions: the silk blouse

You have an appointment coming up and it's time to get dressed. Maybe it's supposed to go to dinner with your loved one and he hasn't revealed where. Perhaps an important work meeting is on the agenda and you have no idea who you are dealing with. Or have friends invited you to a small party and you don't really know what to expect? Salmon and lobster or potato salad and sausage? We open the closet, look, search, look, search, rummage. After a short time, I have many different parts scattered across the bed. I put one on, unsure, combine the pants with another top. Silk blouse or sweater?

Guglielminotti Bluse

Maybe you prefer the chic dress? I'm sure my husband isn't reading along here, so I can say it: I have so many pieces in my closet that it's difficult for me to choose. And yet, after a while, the desperate scream is guaranteed to ring out in the room again: I have nothing to wear!

Guglielminotti Bluse

Lots of soloists in the closet

I try to analyze this situation very objectively: If I have so much in my closet and lots of dresses, blouses, trousers, T-shirts, waistcoats, jackets and so on, why do I always succeed after a lot nerve-racking back and forth to make a choice? A closer look at the clothes reveals: there are a lot of great soloists in front of me. This playful green ruffled blouse that goes so beautifully with the tight white stretch pants. But nothing else either... Or the pink T-shirt with the snazzy English lettering. As if made for the designer jeans with the patches that I found in the small boutique in Berlin. Or that chic red dress, with which I can shine at every cocktail party. You can see what I mean: I have a piece of clothing for a specific occasion. I have a certain blouse for a certain pair of pants. Is it any wonder that the closet is overflowing?

Silk blouses allow ideal combinations

I come to the conclusion: less is actually more. Of course, I'm not thinking of giving up my chic designer pieces that I love so much. Or on my comfortable favorite hoodies. Sometimes they fit perfectly with my day or evening program. But if I'm honest, I have so many T-shirts, blouses or trousers in every conceivable cut or color that are so difficult to combine that they eke out an unnoticed existence in my closet. So out with it and in a few really useful basic pieces, from which you can conjure up an outfit that fits at any time and for any occasion. And now we come to our headline: For me, a silk blouse is an absolute must-have. High-quality, chic and yet not too flashy. A blouse that looks classy with jeans and is an eye-catcher with a black tight skirt. With which you reap appreciative glances in the office and still don't look overdressed in the evening with your favorite Chinese.

Like them Silk blouse by GUGLIELMINOTTI for example. In the wrap-around look, it has a certain nonchalance, but the noble material gives it an elegant look at the same time. A basic piece that goes with every look and puts us in the perfect light at any time of the day and on any occasion. So what. Go then. I have something to wear.

Guglielminotti Bluse

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