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Start spring with Star Mela!

The winter was long enough, it's time for summer-sun-good-mood designer fashion from Star Mela - don't you agree?

The time of faux fur, cozy hats and warm boots was nice, but we can't wait to present our new summer goods to you. And since we have just received the brand new designer goods from the Star Mela fashion label, we want to draw your attention to the chic pieces that we here at the Knocknok Shop have ready for you.

Put on a designer hat from Star Mela and let the sun come out

What should not be missing on a walk on the beach or on a shopping tour in the summer sun? A chic summer hat, of course! Star Mela has adopted the good old straw hat and turned it into a Designer Hut made that is an absolute eye-catcher: The casual cowboy hat shape made with the highest quality straw and a stylish decorative chain made of pearls goes with any youthful outfit from vintage to ethnic look to hippie look.

Star Mela Strohhut

Large shopper, small clutch – irresistible!

And then there are these irresistible designer bags from Star Mela. They are made of jute, but lined with cotton on the inside. Leather shoulder straps and elaborate embroidery make it clear that designers with a penchant for detail were at work here. Life is easy, say the bags, which effortlessly accommodate everything from bathing suits to shopping to the odds and ends that we women always carry with us anyway. And as if the two designers from Star Mela had our Knocknok blog post about the black holes in women's handbags read, there are matching clutches for the chic Star Mela designer shoppers - they are irresistible both as a solo bag and in combination with the shopper.

Star Mela Tasche schwarz

Star Mela pink

Amanda and Nikki are living their dream

What I'm already looking forward to are the blouses and tunics that will soon be added to the Knocknok Shop. "Stay tuned!", we would like to call out to you, because you shouldn't miss out on these great designer blouses. Like the hat and bags, they come from the creative young minds of Amanda Winship and Nikki Hamwee. The two ARE Star Mela and have made their dream come true with this designer label: to convert the colorful and fun-loving fashion that they encounter when traveling around the world into their own fashion ideas. London became the center of her work when she founded her designer label in 2008, but her feel-good look reflects the colorful influences and cultures from all over the world.

Star Mela Clutch

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