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Hot Fashion from L.A. : For Love & Lemons

Best friends and For Love & Lemons founders, Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall, met in history class when they were 12 and have been inseparable ever since.

After high school, Mahin attended FIDM in Los Angeles and Halle moved to Colorado for business school. Both ended up in Australia for internships at Bec & Bridge and One Teaspoon.

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After the girls completed their internships, they moved back to Jackson Hole and worked as waitresses, saving every penny of their earnings to pursue the dream of launching their own clothing line. ("After living in Australia we went back to Jackson Hole and made patterns and sewed samples after work. When we had enough finished pieces we organized a 'fashion show' at the ski bar where we worked.

Surprisingly, some fashion show photos reached a few buyers who encouraged us to start professionally) Eventually the two relocated to LA. For Love & Lemons and their ultra-hot skivvies line became a hit among celebs and bloggers after style icon Erin Wasson appeared in one of their dresses on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. Known for their interesting silhouettes and sexy fabrics, the Lemon Girls are confident, creative and "love to swim against the current," according to Mahin.

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Hometown: LA

We came up with the name For Love and Lemons because our idea started in a bar and we love each other. We produce 50% of our garments in Downtown LA and this requires us to be in LA 24/7 so we don't miss a thing. We love LA, it's a great place for female designers to create a successful and inspirational clothing line.

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For Love & Lemons samples

We get the ideas for our collections from different events. “It varies depending on the season! Sometimes we start with a fabric that we love and try to play with that fabric and create a collection. Or we visit a place and get our inspiration from the cultural collections, colors and styles of the country or place. But the design process always starts with fabrics, a theme, and a color story. Then we start sketching, draping, structuring and sewing in our studio.”

For Love & Lemons team

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