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Autumn time: From golden October to gray raincoat November

The changing of the seasons is always a fascinating event. We were just stretching out comfortably on the sun lounger in the garden and now it's almost time for the Advent cookies again. But everyone who regards autumn as the inevitable transitional period between summer and winter is missing out on beautiful and valuable moments. As children we still appreciated them and loved the small and large gifts that autumn had in store for us. Do you remember?

When the colorful leaves, chestnuts and acorns fall from the trees, walks become discovery tours. What a great feeling plowing through the deep, rustling leaves with your shoes! We lugged our treasures home by the bag to make little animals and necklaces out of them. Sheets were carefully pressed and then glued into pictures. Autumn was also the time when kites were made and, with hours of patience, made to fly in the meadows and fields.

Even if we no longer run in front of our kites or bend down for the chestnuts, that doesn't mean that an autumn walk can't be a wonderful experience for us too. Watch the squirrels scamper along the trails in search of winter supplies. To perceive how nature protects its sensitive areas on the ground with the falling leaves. Or simply stretching your face towards the soothing autumn sun - autumn takes place outdoors and not in our closed apartments.

Braving the November weather – the autumn time

But there is not only the golden October, do you think, but also the wet and cloudy November with its often foggy and uninviting short days? That's right, this is also the autumn time and these phases are also part of the annual cycle. Even November days have their own charm. The silence that then lies over the landscape and the empty branches on the trees can convey serenity and calm. Damp, rainy weather shouldn't stop us from taking in that unique November air and experiencing nature mothballing while we wait for the next spring.

Anyone who had fun jumping in puddles as a child with rubber boots and a rain jacket should also treat themselves to waterproof shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as adults and not let the November weather force them to sit still. Raincoats are uncomfortable and ugly, don't you think? Forget the yellow, shapeless Frisian Mink and discover our Soft Shell Dark Ash!

Raincoat by Ilse Jacobsen

The Ilse Jacobsen label also offers top quality when it comes to raincoats. Of the Softshell Mantel Dark Ash is not only water-repellent and breathable, but also looks great and has a fashionable and feminine cut. Among other things, the closed gusset in the back area ensures the slim look. The zippers do not let moisture through because they are rubberized. The chic stand-up collar protects against November breezes and the hood against surprising wetness from above. Admittedly, when the sky really opens its floodgates, even this coat won't keep you from getting wet sooner or later, but you'll be well-armed against a November drizzle and the seasonal fog. So what do you say - can we lure you out of the heating air into the autumn weather with this raincoat? Nature is waiting for you!

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