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Designer Bags by Improbables

improbable is a young brand from Switzerland. It is designed and produced in a small embroidery business on the shore of Lake Geneva. A nice collection of coincidences contributes to the creation of Improbables.

One day, Fanny and Carola's paths crossed. Fanny, actually a lawyer, left her office in Nimes to follow her lover. By chance she met Fanny at Lake Geneva, who has always been enthusiastic about fashion. Together they designed a bag for riding equipment and embroidered it. Due to the great response in the circle of friends, the two initially started to produce the bags for friends and acquaintances. Improbables now supplies selected boutiques in France, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany.

The improbable Jute bags are very large and roomy.

They are coated on the inside so that they cannot lose their shape. Ideal for shopping, the beach, the gym or wherever needed.

With these bags made of jute with cheeky embroidered designer statements, it is not difficult to let the real designer bag rest in the closet.

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