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The It pattern for autumn: checks

Checks are among the every year It patterns and especially in autumn, the trend has become an integral part of the catwalks. You just have to like them, because they are not only very pretty and classic, they can also be styled and combined incredibly well. Karo can be combined with neutral colors as well as with each other.

Prints and patterns for autumn

Say it with statement shirts!

Statement or slogan shirts will remain with us in autumn. Whether with a logo, quotes or a political statement - the shirts convey our message. In spring everything was under the motto 'We should all be feminists'.

Flowers never go out of style

Floral Fashion never goes out of fashion and at every fashion week you will find a wide variety of flower prints in the collections. Today, floral prints have nothing to do with flower power from the 70s. Every fashion-conscious woman who wants to dress stylishly and feminine will do everything right with the delicate prints. The trend is reinterpreted every season and can be worn in both spring and autumn.

Prints und Muster Blumenmuster

Checkered check?

Classic checks should not be missing in any autumn. The selection ranges from houndstooth to tartan and comes not only in black and white but also in red, blue or green. Especially in the colder seasons, you can see the chic patterns on jackets or trousers more and more often. The brave wear the complete look with checks.

Stripes, stripes, stripes!

The fashion evergreen remains in the form of pinstripes or classic ones in autumn Stripes. stripes never go out of fashion and, like floral patterns, are constantly being reinterpreted.

Mix it!

Watch out! Bold people combine the patterns and prints in a mix of styles. So you can find your individual look and create a unique outfit. But you should make sure that the colors match each other, otherwise it will quickly look confused. Stripes and floral prints go very well together, but so do checks and stripes. Be brave - mix it!

Prints und Muster Mix

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