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What is chakra - a brief explanation

What does chakra mean? However, after I got into conversation with Sylvie from Girlsbestfriends, she explained to me the deeper meaning of gemstone pendants and chakras. Now I was even more infected and just had to have these beautiful necklaces and bracelets.

Actually, I just found the leather chains (chokers) with small gemstone pendants beautiful and wanted to offer them to my customers. chakra!

Here is a brief explanation of what a chakra actually is.

There are seven main chakras located from the base of the spine to the skull. Each chakra has a special relationship to certain organs, but also to behavior and the psyche.

  1. Crown chakra (located above the head) the gateway to the higher self
  2. Forehead chakra (the so-called third eye can be found in the middle of the forehead. Intuition, knowledge and wisdom are characteristics of a free forehead chakra) Connection to the incarnated soul
  3. Throat chakra (is anatomically connected to the throat and neck) Emotional expression on earth
  4. Heart chakra (It lies at the level of the heart and promotes love, compassion and healing. If the heart chakra is blocked, this can manifest itself in heart or lung diseases) Connection to higher love
  5. Solar plexus (located above the navel. It regulates the spleen, stomach and liver. This chakra controls self-esteem and thus the ability to shape one's life according to one's own ideas) thought patterns and beliefs
  6. Sacral chakra (located between the navel and pubic bone and has its anatomical connection here due to the special proximity to the sexual organs. Eroticism plays a major role in the psychological component of the sacral chakra; self-esteem and creativity should not be underestimated here) Emotions and sexuality
  7. Root chakra (located on the coccyx, between the anus and genitals. Anatomically, it is connected to the intestines and its functions; psychologically, it affects self-perception and the will to live) materiality, trust, grounding

When all chakras are open, a person is in absolute balance. A spiritual person can recognize by the color of the chakras (each chakra has a special color) which one is disturbed in its flow and/or which one is most dominant.

There are different ways to open chakras. The best is always the meditations, healing stones, yoga or herbs. However, in everyday life you don't always have the opportunity to meditate or enjoy a relaxing full bath with medicinal herbs. A useful alternative in such cases is chakra jewelry. The jewelery is available from us as a bracelet or necklace from Sylvie Eder Girlsbestfriends. The gemstones on the necklaces and bracelets are limited to one color.

What is the best way to wear jewelry?

Wearing the jewelry should be seen as a supportive method to encourage the flow of healthy and liberating energies. Wear the jewelry in places that are relatively close to the seat of the chakra - this is especially good.

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