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Silver thoughts of love: friendship bracelets

When I went to school, friendship bracelets were all the rage: we made little colorful ribbons out of macrame and tied them around our wrists. One for me and one for my best friend. Those who were particularly skilled could even tie in a name, but honestly my skills didn't reach that far.

Ammos Bulk

When I met the man of my life, I was proud to wear a silver engagement ring and later a gold wedding band engraved with his name. A clear sign to everyone: We belong together. Every now and then I also see someone wearing a heart on a chain with an engraving on it. And when I look at a medallion, I always think: "Is there a picture of your loved one inside? Or one of your children?” Maybe there is a curl inside…. Isn't it romantic when we wear something that reminds us of someone over and over again?

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It's doubly nice when you get such a personal piece of jewelery as a gift. Or give it away yourself, like back in school with the friendship bracelets.

It doesn't just have to be the love of your life, even if something like that is of course really suitable for Valentine's Day, for example. No, I'm also thinking that a mother would be extremely happy when her grown-up daughter gave her a little chain with a trailer gifts, which is engraved "We've been Mother and Daughter right from the start....and the friendship we share is a gift from the Heart". And what sister wouldn't be touched if you gave her a pendant around the neck hangs with the inscription: "Sisters share a special bond...that lasts a lifetime...". This and other beautiful romantic inscriptions carry the Wanderlust pendants, which are delivered on a long silver-plated chain. I just think they're beautiful and I really like them.

Mutter Tochter Armband

The selection of different sayings is large and somehow there would be something for everyone who is close to me. "Even though you're far're in my thoughts every day..." for example or "Good friends are like don't have to see them to know they are there.". But I don't just find them beautiful as gifts, I would also like to wear such a pendant myself. Do I die corresponding page in the knocknock fashion shop should simply leave it open on the notebook and turn the screen completely inconspicuously so that my sweetheart cannot overlook the tags?

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