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Scarves as an accessory

In recent years, scarves and colorful shawls have gained a permanent place in every woman's wardrobe. While in the past one only wore a scarf when it was cold outside and one usually took it off together with the jacket when entering a room, today it is considered a fashion accessory that is just as much a piece of jewelery as earrings and chains. They serve as eye-catchers and visually enhance an outfit. In addition, the heat they can retain in their bodies should not be underestimated. Scarves and shawls are available in many bright colors and made from a wide variety of materials that are great for playing with.

Binding techniques for scarves

Even if a scarf in itself is really something, you can show that you are a fashion-conscious woman with different binding techniques. The classic style usually looks like this: you wrap both ends around your neck so that the two ends hang over your chest. But there are a few subtle variations on this classic. If you only have one end instead of two ends, simply tie a loose knot in the two corners. So they are on top of each other and not next to each other. It looks particularly chic and similar to a tie if you put the scarf on your neck and let the right end hang down further than the left. Now you grab the scarf with your right hand at chest level and loop the right end over your fist and further up to your neck over your right shoulder, so that both ends of the scarf hang on the left side. On the right you now have a loop through which you can thread both ends. The double knot is also really impressive. You take the cloth twice and put it around your neck. Now pull one of the two ends through the resulting loop. You then turn the loop once around itself and thread the other end through.

Which scarf for which top?

Plain scarves go well with patterned tops. For this you choose either a neutral color or a tone that also occurs in the upper part. Subdued gray or classic black almost calls for a splash of color. Pink, red and orange always look good, at least if it suits your personality. Completely different effects can be created with scarves of different lengths. A short scarf goes very well with a reserved business outfit and is only tied around the neck. If you want it to be a little more sophisticated, there are various binding techniques that can be used, but more on that later. For open jackets and long tops, the scarf can be short or long, the same applies to the everyday look.

Play with materials

In addition to the color and the binding technique, the material also plays an important role. Soft cashmere not only keeps you warm but is one of the finest materials a scarf can be made of. The gray in different tones this scarf goes with almost every outfit, which is a good thing because once you've worn it, you won't want to take it off again. This brightly colored scarf shows that wool doesn't have to look old-fashioned lime green. The stars are handmade and make this accessory truly unique.

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