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Sweater against frostbite

When I was a child, sweaters naturally belonged in the wardrobe and on the upper body in winter. I had an aunt who loved knitting so I always had at least one sweater that was completely unique.

Unfortunately, as a child you grow pretty fast and at some point the times of self-knitted sweaters were over because they simply went out of fashion.

Instead, sweatshirts were worn, mostly with a hood. Wool vests followed and now, in your mid-30s, demands have increased and it is not that easy to find a good sweater.

If the thermometer falls below 20 degrees I start to shiver, if we arrive at below 10 degrees it becomes really difficult in terms of clothing. Essentially, sweatshirts are still my heart, but I'm just past the age where it's an appropriate piece of clothing. Fleece also keeps you nice and warm but is also not very popular. Most sweaters you can buy in stores are just too thin. Even with a blouse underneath, I constantly give outsiders the impression that I would like to be somewhere else, since only crossing my arms in front of my body can prevent the constant shivering that overtakes me. The best outfit doesn't help.

Frau mit Decke in der Ubahn

So a knit sweater is needed again. And from a certain age you can afford something and instead of sheep's wool it can be something more noble, for example cashmere or alpaca wool. This sweater has a wonderful wool blend of alpaca, cashmere and wool. It is warm and cuddly and, thanks to the restrained color and the round neckline, can be perfectly combined with a scarf. What should not be missing in any closet is a good turtleneck sweater. This model is not only longer at the top but also at the bottom and looks great with tight-fitting jeans. brings color into play Jadefarbene by Sita Murt made of alpaca and wool. The knitting pattern is definitely something different and certainly not everyone has it.

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