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Nail Polish - How to do it right

If you have beautiful and well-groomed hands, you should not hide them but show them off better. Nail polish is the most suitable means for this. Many women have had bad experiences with nail polish: it just doesn't dry properly and you sit there for hours waving your hands to avoid quirks and marks on the bed linen and yet - the next day your nails look like someone has drawn a map on them.

Frustrated, the polish comes off again and what follows is another horror scenario: the nails have discolored and look like they have chain smoked for 20 years. With the right basics and a few tricks, painting nails can also be very easy.

Unterschiedliche Nagellacke

If you ask a craftsman what you have to consider when painting, he will probably name a good primer first. And that's exactly what you need on your nails. A base coat or base coat protects the nail from discoloration and ensures that the color lasts better. If you rarely paint, you can also use a simple clear coat. Two coats of paint are applied after drying.

Most paints do not cover properly with one layer, become streaky or otherwise look uneven. It is best to paint the two layers in one go, i.e. first paint both hands completely with one layer, then immediately afterwards the next. Now we come to the most important part: the top coat. This ensures shine, an even finish and should definitely have quick-drying properties. As a rule, the paint is then reasonably dry after a few minutes and impact-resistant after 30 minutes.

Unterschiedliche Nagellacke

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to colors and it does not necessarily have to be red claws. Dark purple looks very chic, especially in autumn, but gray that is less obtrusive also has the advantage that it goes with almost every outfit. For festive occasions it can be a little more glamor. There are numerous shimmer and glitter top coats that can be applied over any color. Depending on the type, gold and silver are also very festive for the Christmas season.

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