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My Herzallerliebst – jacket with a new look

Anyone who lives far away from Munich probably has no idea who or what a Janker is and that is certainly not entirely wrong. This way you can approach this topic without any worries because after all we are talking about traditional costume fashion. And as is the case with traditional costumes, it doesn't exactly have the reputation of being particularly stylish.

Traditional fashion is old-fashioned, boringly monotonous and only something for very die-hard natives of Bavaria. When Germans appear in American films for whatever reason, they wear these guaranteed Bavarian costumes so that the whole world thinks that we always walk around like this and that any advances in style and fashion have passed us by. But it shouldn't stay that way. Three men have managed the balancing act between tradition and modernity. With My Herzallerliebst they present traditional costume fashion and the traditional jacket in a new light. Jankers are actually made from 100% sheep's wool, are dark blue, gray or hunter green and have metal or horn buttons.

At My Herzallerliebst, jackets are made from the finest cashmere, have contrasting seams and pockets and somehow look traditional. However, it is the fresh colors that make them a real eye-catcher and deviate from the conventional traditional fashion. Bright blue, pink or brimstone yellow are available, as well as restrained gray or dark green, which can be combined with anything. The idea for My Herzallerliebst was created in 2010 when Phillip Bennecke designed the first jacket for the birth of his daughter. The design was so well received that it has meanwhile developed its own label, which is known far beyond the borders. My Herzallerliebst is now also worn in Paris, Singapore and Moscow, and it's said to have even been spotted in Sydney. The jackets are available for both women and children and can be worn over a dirndl, jeans or a blouse.

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