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With fashionable tights through the fall

When we think of autumn, we see golden leaves in which the last rays of the sun break, bright colors and thickly wrapped figures in front of our inner eye. It's the season of pumpkin soup, hot tea by the fireplace, thick scarves and gloves, but also high boots, short skirts and tights. When we were kids, some of us had a rather ambivalent relationship to tights. They were too thick, too tight, too long and scratchy on top of that, but as long as our mothers were in charge, there was no way around wool tights.

The colors were also little suited to please the heart or even the eye. Then finally the time came as a teenager and tights suddenly took on a whole new quality. The feeling of wearing nylons on my legs for the first time was strange and exciting at the same time. Equally warm but still cool, they nestled around the legs.

Tights do something magical to your legs.

You just look better in it and you unconsciously draw attention to it. They are smoother, more even and immediately after putting them on you feel irresistibly feminine.

Tights conceal and set accents

From the mid-thirties at the latest, with bad genes or even earlier after the third child, you really appreciate the advantage of tights. The first blemishes are showing on the legs, such as broom rippers and blue veins, which were certainly not there last summer. They literally shout: Look at me! and unfortunately this applies not only to the reflection in the mirror but also to everyone on the street. It's like having a pimple on your nose, everyone is staring at it - at least supposedly. Where make-up and concealer help against pimples, tights come into play. They mercifully hide the small signs of aging and you don't have to feel bad about it. But on the contrary. After all, tights are not only available in skin colors, but in bright colors and patterns, from wild to elegant to wicked. Completely different effects can be achieved in this way.

Fashionable tights

If you are looking for glamor and would like to be in the limelight at the next party or at the Christmas party, there are tights with real ones on the back Swarovski elements are decorated. The classic in a new guise goes well with a black dress or a dark skirt with a blouse. Not only in the world of stars and starlets and worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Paris Hilton, the stars of Reverse Stars Her legs. Black and opaque, it is covered with star-shaped cutouts. It gets really sexy with these suspend tights by Pretty Polly who appear to be wearing garter belts. You can also show courage with color because in dark blue you not only show your legs but are also fashionably up-to-date, dark blue is one of the trend colors this autumn.

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