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Marrakech is full of colour

There are words whose sound involuntarily brings up images before our eyes and conjures up longings. Marrakech is such a word. Markets, through whose narrow shopping streets you have to meander, idyllic roof terraces and inner courtyards with fountains, seating and palm trees, artistically crafted lamps with colorful glass stones, colorful woven carpets on tiled floors and on earth-colored walls - my list of Marrakech associations is long, I could continue them almost endlessly.

And they all have one thing in common: They reflect the fascinating world of bright colors that makes Marrakech so appealing.

Bunte Blüten in Marrakesch

Fascinating pearl in the south

The metropolis in the south-west of Morocco rightly bears its affectionate nickname “Pearl of the South”. More than a million inhabitants make Marrakech a vibrant city with modern buildings and cultural institutions, but its soul is reflected in the impressive historical architecture with palaces and mosques, in the bazaars with their spices and fabrics and in the countless palm trees that seem to turn the city into one giant oasis. Marrakech is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco and it has preserved the splendor of this great time. The Bahia Palace, the Koutoubia Mosque or the Menara Gardens are major tourist attractions today, but only in combination with the innumerable winding streets, the clay buildings and the lively squares do these sights become the Marrakech that fascinates so much.

Marrakesch Innenhof

Marrakesch Gebäude

There's infatuation in the air

At no time does Marrakech appear gray or dull, every season seems to provide a new play of colors. In spring in particular, the plants seem to be in a real competition to see who can show off the most beguiling flowers and leaves. It's not just the colors that seem to push out of every Moroccan crack here, smells are also in the air everywhere. The scent of countless spices lures visitors to market stalls and stalls selling their delicacies. Whoever then returns to the shady inner courtyard of his quarters, completely exhausted from a stroll through Marrakech, sinks into soft, colorful cushions on wide, comfortable loungers and looks forward to sweet coffee or juicy oranges. Paradise on earth - that's how it could be.

Pinke Blüten in Schüssel

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