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Madam Stoltz home accessories

Who is behind the Danish home accessories brand Madam Stoltz?

Which one of you also loves the clean Danish accessories by Madam Stoltz?

Pernille got the inspiration for the name Madam Stoltz on one of her trips to India.

The Indians were very polite and always addressed Pernille Stoltz as 'Madam'.

So the name of the first shop was set: Madam Stoltz

Madame Stoltz Traumfänger

The story behind Madam Stoltz

There was never a grand master plan behind the creation of Madam Stoltz. Rather, the driving forces were creativity, imagination and adventure.

It all started in the early 90's with a young Danish woman, Pernille Stoltz. To fund her Asian trip, Pernille bought jewelry at flea markets in India and sold it to tourists on Greek beaches.

After 3 years of traveling and many adventures she returned to Denmark. The different countries and cultures inspired her so much that her head was full of ideas.

Pernille implemented these ideas with a few skilled Indian craftsmen.

In 1995, the first Madam Stoltz store opened in the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen. A small shop selling hooks, baskets, candles, jewelery and Indian sarees.

The store gave Pernille the opportunity to travel to India frequently and bring her creative ideas to life. In 1997 Pernille started selling to other lifestyle and gift shops in Denmark - and Madam Stoltz's wholesale business was born.

In 2002 Pernille and her husband Peter decided to move with their two young daughters to Pernille's home island of Bornholm - in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The couple now leads Madam Stoltz in a partnership. Pernille is the designer and responsible for contact with the suppliers in India and China. Peter takes care of the logistics and the finances.

Pernille Stoltz travels to India four times a year and always comes back with new inspirations - India has become her second home.

We especially like the mirror in the shape of an eye.


Since 2010 Madam Stoltz has been supporting NAI DISHA (new direction) in New Delhi. An NGO focused on development through education.

Nai Disha was founded 10 years ago as a school for very poor people. Thanks to Nai Disha, many children from the slum areas of New Delhi are no longer begging on the streets, but have been given the opportunity to start an education.

The Nai Disha project now has 450 children and young people.

Pernille always visits Nai Disha when she is in New Delhi. "

Nai Disha and Madam Stoltz have developed a fair trade project together. Young people aged 18 and over produce some products sold through the Madam Stoltz distribution network. All proceeds are transferred to the Nai Disha project - the young people and their families.

With us you will find the dream catchers that are made by hand by young people in the Nai Disha project.
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