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How do you turn night into day from now on? Quite simply: in a pajama top or lingerie from Love Stories. We have the cool parts in our shop. But not only the pajama top, no, also the funny bras and panties from Love Stories.

The magazine Brigitte has also just reported about it. Turn lingerie into outerwear and mix and match queer across the board.

rot gestreiftes Pyjama-Oberteil

dunkelrote Pyjama Hose

And this is how you style pajamas:

  1. With wow shoes: wear pumps, chic sandals or sneakers - polished to a high gloss
  2. Wear make-up – nude looks are taboo when it comes to pajamas. Better subtle make-up, rouge, some mascara and red lipstick for the big entrance.
  3. Styling your hair: For the pajama look, please, please do not wear curly hair out of bed, but comb it smoothly and style it accurately. So it even works as an office look.
  4. Be stingy when it comes to accessories: The pajamas alone are a real statement and should not be overstated with too much jewelry or bags that are too flashy.

You won't want to be without the bras and panties from Love Stories. They have been specially designed for smaller breasts, are made from very high-quality material in great styles and can be combined again and again. Why not wear an elegant blazer, such as a tuxedo-style jacket from Ba&SH, and just wear a bra from Love Stories underneath. You'll see how well that goes down.

Showgirl BH mit Jackett

Love Stories BH Eyebra

Love Stories BH Love Lace

Love Stories La Nuit Slip

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