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Let us be a Parisian: BA&SH

BA&SH is a French brand founded in Paris in 2003 by friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief. The label name is composed of the first letters of the first names of the designers.

The claim to the label is the ideal Wardrobe to create for every day. These creations are extremely modern and creative and absolute must-have items. The collections impress with their simplicity in combination with high-quality fabrics such as silk and cashmere. Parisian women know how to dress appropriately for everyday life without being too fussy.

BA&SH: Let´s be a Parisian!


Tea, Good Music, Vibes, Nice Read, Smile & Laugh, Soft Cashmere, Cocktails, Friends & Love, Candles & Pictures, Dream Ever, Cookies & Dance, Style & Grace, Healthy, Simplicity & Family
- The House -

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