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Little history of skirt lengths

Mini, midi, maxi - the hem of the skirt is sometimes higher, sometimes lower, dreamily caresses the ankles, demurely covers the knees or boldly shows the maximum of the leg as a mini skirt. Every fashion has its preferred skirt length, even if we live in a time where anything goes. The fashion designers can draw from the whole range of possible lengths and send the models onto the catwalk in maxi robes and minis with leggings.

Little history of skirt lengths

Women have never been as free as they are today in choosing their clothes, because in the past the skirt length was not only dependent on personal preference or the taste of the leading designer, but was usually also socially prescribed. Let's take a look back!

Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Biedermeier, turn of the century.... Of course, this list of historical eras is not complete, but across the board they have one thing in common: We don't have to worry too much about skirt lengths in Europe. Maxi is in demand, the woman's leg is chastely covered and nobody would have thought to question that. Of course, the silhouette changed, sometimes there were expansive forms with hoop skirts, sometimes narrower creations that emphasized the buttocks. It only happened in the twentieth century: Shortly before the First World War, skirt hems slipped up a little, exposing the ankles of women. The golden twenties with art deco, with the Charleston and the love of life that was shown liberated the ladies and helped them gain more ground clearance. The hems played around the calves. The knees remained covered, at the end of the fifties the hem slipped down to the knee or a little above.

The absolute revolution was then started by the legendary Mary Quant, for whom a few centimeters above the knee were not enough: in 1962 her mini skirts appeared in Vogue and the storm began. On the one hand there was the storm of indignation of all those who called for the fight against moral decay, on the other hand the rush for the miniskirts. Skirt length reached its peak in the truest sense of the word at the end of the 1960s/beginning of the 1970s with the supermini, which sometimes provided insights that made the lingerie industry happy... In the 1970s, women were allowed to wear longer skirts again skirts wear without being seen as uptight or unfashionable. And today? Let's wear what we like, long or short. Let's enjoy! And if we should allow ourselves to be limited, then at most by our own figure....

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