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In warm faux fur across the Christmas market

I love the Christmas market! Every year I look forward to the Advent season like a small child, to the smell of cinnamon and mulled wine in the air, to the stands decorated with fir branches and fairy lights, to the fascinated children who cannot get enough of the colorful splendor and to the familiar, cheesy music that somehow always manages to conjure up a relaxed atmosphere.

In warm faux fur across the Christmas market

Yes, I know that Christmas time and Christmas markets are commerce to the power of ten - but I selfishly allow myself to forget that for a while and let myself be emotionally carried away. Why not? Romantic emotions are beautiful and relaxing. Strolling through the Christmas market is like taking a little holiday during the stressful Advent season.

Tomorrow I'll think about the missing Christmas presents for Uncle Fritz and my boss, the greeting cards that have still not been written, the problem of how to tell my friend that I can't invite her to the New Year's party because you can Ex-boyfriend will have his new flame in tow and that will only cause stress and oh I don't even want to know what else. It's Christmas market time. time out Basta!

DHart Pelzjacke mit Herz

There is actually only one thing that sometimes bothers me about Christmas markets and that is the freezing temperatures. Naturally, Christmas markets in Europe take place during the cold season, have you noticed that? Mulled wine in summer wouldn't necessarily be a hit either, but freezing your fingers when you hold the glass doesn't have to be the case.

That's why I've had a checklist for Christmas markets with big exclamation marks at home for a long time, which hangs on the exit door during Advent and stubbornly reminds me:

  • Gloves, scarf and hat!!!!!!!!! Remember, you swore last year you'd never, ever, ever be without gloves go to the Christmas market! Even if you are guaranteed not to find and search for her immediately: SEARCH FOR HER!!!!!
  • Put on your faux fur. Now. Instantly. Don't go past Go. No, the black leather jacket is NOT warm enough, you've noticed that often enough!!!!!! The new De'Hart jacket with the red heart it's sooooo pretty, put it on now!!!!
  • I'm just saying: Winter boots with insoles , because you know very well that you will spend at least an hour with Claudia and Ecki at the mulled wine stand!!! Nobody will watch your feet in the crowd, so don't you dare leave the house in fancy sneakers or high heels!
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