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Light blue, pink & lilac: summer is pastel

ice cream baby Sherbet nuances and delicate, powdery tones not only enchant us in spring. The pastel trend is a perennial favorite and comes back every year to get us out of the winter slump when it comes to fashion. The pretty colors like pink, light blue, lilac, apricot and mint can be found everywhere in fashion!

The most beautiful color of the year? Pastel!

The colors can be easily combined with each other and make every woman look fresh immediately. You are always well dressed with white trousers and a blazer in pastel colors such as raspberry, lilac or apricot. Together, pink and apricot look fresh and summery. You can't go wrong with the delicate color combinations, because it doesn't matter whether you're pale or tanned - pastel colors with a high proportion of white flatter every complexion.

Light blue, pink and above all lilac are particularly popular at the moment. It was almost impossible to imagine fashion week catwalks without pastel tones. Hardly a year goes by without a designer taking up the versatility of delicate colors in his collection.

How to combine the pastel trend?

An all-over outfit looks feminine and delicate. But you have to be careful here, too, otherwise you'll quickly look like a candy. Together with white, beige or nude-colored parts you simply set a small accent. Combined with rough boots, the look becomes rocky, but retains its delicate touch. The break in style with jeans or leather turns a cute pastel outfit into a cool everyday look. Try it!

Frauen Pastell Trend

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