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Beloved maxi dress: Get out in the sun with it!

Do you also love that feeling when the hem of the maxi dress gently caresses your ankles? However, anyone who thinks of “maxi dress” in terms of festive robes with stiff skirts, lots of blink-blink and pompous opera ball has something different in mind than I do right now. No, I mean those wonderfully light and flowy maxi dresses that have been dormant in the closet all winter and are now coming out into the sunlight again!

There are said to be women who think that the higher the temperature rises, the shorter the dress should be. Of course, I also like to wear a sexy mini dress every now and then, but I think flowing, long dresses make a great feminine silhouette that draws just as many men's eyes as tanned legs under a skimpy skirt.

Maxi dresses like a second skin

Some maxi dresses have short, cropped sleeves and nestle softly against the body, like a second thin summer skin. Do you know these great ones, for example? Maxi dresses by Liv Bergen? And did you know that you can easily cut these dresses to your length? The fabric will then curl up a little on its own over time, forming a natural hem. Brilliant. With a small jacket or bolero you are also perfectly dressed with such a dress when it gets a bit chilly in the evening in the transitional period.

Summery with spaghetti straps

One of my big summer favorites are maxi dresses with spaghetti straps. Vibrant, soft fabrics skilfully caress the body. Do you perhaps still have a kilo or two of winter sins on your hips, like me? It doesn't matter, the great wide cuts are incredibly figure-friendly and caress the body in a very charming way. With a maxi dress like this you can stroll along the beach or hit the party mile in a really lively way. Depending on whether you want your maxi dress made of cotton fabric with a tie-dye pattern or made of chiffon with delicate glitter effects, you can give your outfit a different style. Sometimes a bit hippie, sometimes a bit delicate fairy - in any case always feminine and summery.

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