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Skin protection in winter

We've waited so long and now it's finally here: winter is here! The thermometer shows minus line and the white splendor falls from the sky. Snow-covered landscapes lure you out for long walks in the snow and the winter sports enthusiasts rejoice: finally it's back to the slopes and cross-country ski runs! But the right skin protection should not be missing!

The right skin protection

But the low temperatures pose a particular challenge for our skin: Our sebaceous glands then reduce their activity considerably and the natural fat supply of our skin is not guaranteed. In addition, the constriction of blood vessels under the skin means that it has to contend with reduced oxygen and nutrient supply. Very important therefore: Right now your skin needs special attention and care. Let's look at the two special focal points, the face and the hands:

Our tips:

Tip #1:

Find a body wash that isn't too drying for your skin. Look for products that are soap-free and have the word "moisturizing" on the outer packaging to hydrate. Now would be a good time to swap your gel cream for a creamy cream.

Tip #2:

Cream every day to keep dry skin at bay. If you apply lotion immediately after stepping out of the shower, the moisture will be absorbed directly into the skin. Not to mention, the combination of being cold, wearing gloves, and constantly washing your hands can cause painful dryness and cracked skin. (Your hands can show signs of aging faster than other parts of the body.) Treat yourself to a good nourishing moisturizer and keep it in your bag, car, and office, and don't forget to use it often.

Tip #3:

Your skin type can change depending on your age, living conditions or season. Therefore, observe your skin and change the creams depending on the needs of your skin. If you are unsure, consult a dermatologist.

Tip #4:

Sort out your skin care routine. Too many products together, such as face masks and scrubs, can irritate the skin. If you like, label your products with designated days when you use them. In this way, the applications do not overlap too often and you have a regularity in your applications. Old expired products should be discarded.

Tip #5:

Did you know that UV rays can damage skin through clothing? Sunscreen is essential for protecting skin from premature wrinkling, skin cancer, and dryness. We recommend applying at least an SPF 40 daily. And don't forget, your lip balm with a high SPF can prevent dryness and cracking.

Winter Socken

Of course, the face is exposed to the cold and the weather like no other part of the body. We can cover the skin with clothing everywhere else on the body, but a total face covering might be appropriate for downhill skiing, but less so for a walk through the city park. Of course you have scarves or shawls around her neck, which stretches far into her face, but they still don't cover everything. Applying high-fat cream protects the upper layers of the skin from the biting cold and prevents moisture loss. With the right care you ensure optimal skin protection.

Day and night cream!

If you're worried that this will mess up your concept of alternating between day and night cream, just be flexible and apply the moisturizer at night and the high-fat night cream during the day these days! You should treat your lips to a thick extra pack of fat and always have the grease stick at hand, because there are no sebaceous glands in them.

Feuchtigkeits Creme

We recommend Embryolisse cream for the face, Elisabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream for lip care and Jo Malone's rich body cream for good skin protection.

The send Montgomery gloves, which we have ready for you in the shop in great colors, protect your hands like a second skin and should always be kept next to the front door key when driving, going for a walk or shopping in winter. But the same applies to the hands: In winter they need strong, high-fat support. A tip for everyone who notices that normal creaming during the day is not enough and your hands feel very dry: Treat your hands to a treatment pack at night. Apply a fat cream really thick and then pull on simple, thin cotton gloves over it. The next morning your hands are really soft and relaxed and ready for the next snowball fight!

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