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Happy Easter! I think you have a rabbit!

What would Easter or bunnies be? He brings our little ones the Easter eggs, he brings us Easter into the living room. He looks at us sweetly, whether small or large, he hops around in brown or sometimes bright pink! It is indispensable and is simply part of Easter.

If it weren't for him, something would be missing, right? The good old Easter Bunny!

Today I would like to show you some models that are guaranteed to put a smile on people's faces, big and small, and won't hop away - I promise!

These little bunnies look like chocolate. But they are made of a certain type of ceramic and are therefore not that light. The tail is made out of a small pom pom. An ideal decoration for Easter on the set table. Just put one of these bunnies on each serviette.

Keramik Osterhasen

These golden bunnies made of a plastic material can compete with any Lindt chocolate bunny.

Here you can see quite clearly: rabbits do not always have to be brown! The rabbit parade will also come to you! About ours Online shop it can be ordered or you can pick it up in our shop!

I wish you happy Easter days!

Goldene Osterhasen
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