Eine Mütze die Cara Delevingne trägt - KNOCKNOK Fashion

A hat worn by Cara Delevingne

Everything revolves around Cara at the moment. Anyone who has seen and heard her speak will immediately realize what a funny and interesting personality Cara Delevigne is. Pure beauty is not always important. Cara can immediately win people over with her wit and open nature. The fashion world has got a new It.Girl. A successor to the legendary Kate Moss? Do you know Cara with the famous Giles hat?

Labeling knit hats only as cozy and comfortable is a thing of the past. Hand-knitted hats made of thick wool with fashion chic and imaginative designs are trend-setting in the fashion circus. Preferably oversized. As seen in the Giles Deacon Fall 2014 collection. All eyes flew to Cara Delevigne's eye-embroidered hat, accompanied by a sleek outfit. The icing on the cake was also the Electric blue eyeliner. Winter is finally coming, so it's fun to stroll around in the cold.

Here you can find the photos with Cara and the hat: NICHE MAGAZINE

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