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A touch of the exotic: tunics

When I was writing the headline, I hesitated and thought: is it actually called tunics or tunics? Wikipedia and the Duden generally know everything and so I researched there.

Well, it's quite clear, both tell that the plural of tunic is tunics.

But you know what? I'm just being stubborn now and choosing tunics, defying the authorities. Sounds kind of nicer, I think, and to justify myself I can say that I took French at school and not Latin.

Juliet Dunn Kleiderschrank

Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, but always flattering

Since the term has been used so often, it should be clear to you which piece of clothing I would particularly like to recommend to you today: the casual, combinable, figure-flattering and timeless tunic. Timeless in the sense that this garment has appeared in fashion since ancient times, but of course cuts and designs change from time to time in this area too. If narrow belts are fashionable, then the tunic is also gathered in the waist area with them. If a woman wears floor-length dresses, then the tunic also reaches down to the ankle. It is just versatile, the tunic, can be worn like a long, wide blouse with jeans or a mini skirt or as a tunic dress is an independent piece of clothing.

Can be combined from casual to chic

Die Tunikas von Juliet Dunn are such tunic dresses and maybe you are now saying: “As a dress, something like this is really great and airy in summer. But in winter?”. No problem, in my opinion, because these slightly longer tunics are ideal to wear over leggings or skin-tight jeans. And they have long sleeves too. If you choose gold or silver-colored leggings, then you underline the slightly exotic touch that tunics give you. Tight jeans and flat ballerinas and you are dressed for the office, white leggings and high heels and you can go to the bar. Tunics are also such "must-have items of clothing" that you can combine great depending on the occasion. As the silk blouse I was talking about the other day, You remember?

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