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Dior: The shirt with the statement

The Dior designer Maria Grazia Chiur designed the shirt with the statement "Should We All Be Feminists" within the Dior Revolution collection.

One wonders how she came up with such an idea to design a shirt pro-feminism.

You'd think Maria Grazia took the title of the Nigerian writer's book Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with the title: We should all be feminists. Or is it a political stance? The current world situation, including a new US President who boasts of misogynist statements, has caused a lot to simmer

However, it is more conceivable that the designer wanted to set an example. Because she is the first woman in the house of Dior who was given such a post as chief designer.

We should all be feminists. Pro Pop Feminism!

Everyone wants this it-piece from Dior at the moment. It's sold out across Europe and costs a whopping €650. We have a much cheaper version.

You can find this in white here.

T-Shirt Belive in you we are Feminists
Or in black with white lettering here.
T-Shirt Belive in you we are Feminists

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