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Devotion Twins Dresses: Design from Greece

A fashion label from Greece

Every second woman in Germany owns a dress from the Greek brand Devotion Twins. The 100% cotton fabrics are woven in Greece in the company's own weaving mills. Cutting the fabrics in such a way that the pattern can be sewn together perfectly on the cut edges is a high level of tailoring.

The cut is wide swinging, the fabrics are breathtakingly beautiful and very comfortable to wear on the skin even in hot weather.
But you can not only get your Devotion Twins dress out of the closet and wear it in summer.

No, even in winter, in the muted colors grey/black or grey/berry, a Devotion dress looks cool with opaque leggings, boots and a leather jacket.

We have already ordered the new styles for next summer. We can still get the much sought-after tunics delivered for the winter as well.

Devotion Tunika schwarz weiß

Devotion Tunika schwarz weiß

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