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Devotion Summer 19 has arrived

Since autumn 2018 we have been longing for the new clothes from Devotion. Finally they have arrived.

In the shop in Cologne and of course also for worldwide shipping in our online shop.

Mykonos, Ibiza, St. Barth - the dresses and tunics by Devotion Twins immediately arouse a longing: for sun, sea and holidays. For exuberant beach life and hot summer nights.

The Greek label's collection provides the perfect outfit for sweet idleness, and of course that doesn't just work on the coveted islands, but just as well in urban areas: on hot asphalt as under shady trees. The summer can come!

At first glance, the patterns in the collection are reminiscent of the well-known Kyfiya fabrics from the Orient. In fact, however, they are handed down from the traditional Greek weaving culture and are reminiscent of the ornamentation of the meanders.

The high-quality cotton fabric and the wide, casual cuts make the ethnic dresses and tunics the perfect companions. In classic black and white, light pink tones but also strong colors, they provide the outfit for hot days and hot nights. And when the temperatures drop, the collection with leggings and boots transports the nice holiday feeling into the cooler season. Bohemian devotion 365 days a year!

Pink cream has been added as a new colour. This color combination replaces the color pink-red from the last summer collection. Means: The Greek company Devotion no longer produces the pink and red dress.

For those who struggle with dresses or tunics, Devotion has a super nice sleeveless blouse tailored. In the colors and weaving pattern of the popular dresses, of course. The blouse goes perfectly with jeans, shorts or a skirt.

Due to the fact that several hands are required to produce a finished Devotion garment, all designs are pre-washed by Devotion prior to shipment to the customer. The products all have an unmistakable smell. This goes out again after the first wash in your washing machine. If you follow the washing instructions, mostly 30°Celsius normal wash cycle, you don't have to worry about the dress or blouse shrinking.

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