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Bandana by Manipuri

The silk bandana is making a big comeback. On the necks, pockets and wrists of fashionistas nothing goes without the colorful carés.

Now you too can transform yourself into a seventies girl with the beautiful bandana silk scarves from Manipuri from Tokyo.

Fashion blogger and fashion chameleon Leandra Medine did it. She wears the bandana in multiple ways.

  • Wrapped around your neck as a scarf – super cool with a jeans look and a white blouse
  • Silk scarf wrapped around the wrist - super hip instead of a bracelet. Perfect for a rocking outfit in combination with a leather jacket in a biker look, destroyed jeans and worn-out boots.
  • Draped as a hair band knotted around the head.
  • The neckerchief as a handkerchief to pimp up a boring jacket. Or just lend it to your loved one. Also looks super cool on men!
  • Tie the scarf to the handle or around the handle of the It bag.
Bandana Schal
Manipuri Nickituch
Bandana an Handtasche

You can order the silk scarves from Manipuri here:

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