Skin Feelings ephemeral Tattoos

Skin Feelings Ephemeral Tattoos: NEW IN

Accessorize your vibes. In love ? Dreamer or just happy ? Skin Feelings is this summer unexpected accessory, the boho and personal touch.

These skin ephemeral messages can be applied gently on the skin to express your mood discreetly.

Worn in the inner wrist mixed with bracelets,

between fingers interlaced by rings,

stroking the neck, whispering at ears,

or tickling heels … and anywhere else you’re inspired.

The idea about ephmeral tattoos Skin Feelings founder Leslie Sulman become when she was on her daily searches in blogs, pinterest, instagram.

There were lot of pictures of tattoos that circulated.
For all those who wish to adopt the trend without going through the final tattoo box, ephemeral messages would be a perfect alternative, and neither one nor two, I decided to founded the „Skin Feelings brand“.

You can buy the tattoos HERE

Source of images:
Natacha Steven Blog
Lolita Abraham Blog
Soraya Bakhtiar

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